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ACLA is a non profit organization in the service to make the happy, peaceful, and sustainable cultural landscapes of Asia.

2023: 2023 ACLA International Symposium• Venue: Nanjing University Aeronauticsand Astronautics, Nanjing, China

2021: 2021 ACLA International Symposium• Venue: Nanjing University Aeronauticsand Astronautics, Nanjing, China

2023: 2023 ACLA International Symposium• Venue: Nanjing University Aeronauticsand Astronautics, Nanjing, China

2021: 2021 ACLA International Symposium• Venue: Nanjing University Aeronauticsand Astronautics, Nanjing, China

Mission Statement

Of course, there are agencies that deal with cultural landscapes and associated architecture, heritage, habitat (rural, urban, peri-urban) planning and conservation and envisioned cultural landscape as heritage resource for sustainable development at different degrees, still there has not been any prime organisation that should deal Asia in its own historically rooted cultural forms.To fulfil this noble task and demand of the global scenario in which cultural landscape is not taken only as an impediment to development, but a heritage resource that can contribute to maintain environment and landscape serene in its nature, cleanliness in outlook, aesthetically beautiful, eco-friendly in interrelationship,socially cohesive, culturally awakened ― in order to make Man-Nature integration and aliveness more sustainable, the ACLA (Asian Cultural Landscape Association) has been formed recently and declared on 3rd of December 2012; registered in Rep. Korea (SNU Seoul): Reg. No.: 119-82-11132. The ACLA shall highlight the ‘Cultural Landscapes as Living Cultural-Sustainable Resources’; foster the safeguard and sustainable use of the unique and diverse cultural landscapes and heritagescapes of Asian Region; promote the physical, natural and cultural heritagescapes, traditions, crafts and creativity as driving forces for overall sustainable landscape development.

Legal Entity (Institution)

- Non-Profit organization
- Registered to Korean Government Ministry of Foreign Affair Registration. No. 119 82 11132, issued on 24 July 2014

ACLA Activities

• Documentation & Communication• Networking• Public Campaigns• Publications• Technical Assistance• Partnerships• Training• Thematic workshops and conferences• Education and capacity building• Annual International Symposium

- 2009: Founded under IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects) as IFLA APR Cultural Landscape Committee (IFLA APR CLC) at Incheon, South Korea .- 2010: 1st International

Symposium • Date: 14th~17th Dec 2010
• Theme – Identity of Asian Traditional Landscapes
• Venue: Seoul National University
• Participated Countries: Korea(2), China(2), Japan(1), Taiwan(1),
Malaysia(4), Indonesia(2), Cambodia(1), Thailand(1), Iran(1)

- 2011: 2nd International
• Date: 5th~8th Dec 2011
• Theme – Sustainable Rural Landscape and Planning in Asia
Pacific Region
• Venue: Seoul National University
• Participated Countries: Korea(4), China(1), Japan(2), Taiwan(1),
Malaysia(4), Indonesia(2), India(4), Thailand(1), Iran(2), Bangladesh (1)

- 2012: 3rd International
• Date: 3rd~5th Dec 2012
• Theme – Heritage Landscape & Tourism Planning for
Asia Pacific Region
• Venue: Haji Dorani Homestay, Sabak Bernam, Malaysia • Participated Countries: Korea(2), Japan(1), Hong Kong(1),
Malaysia(13), Indonesia(1), India(1), Thailand(1), Singapore (1)
- 2012: Asian Cultural Landscape Asia (ACLA) has been formed and officially declared on Dec 3rd, 2012, in Malaysia.


2013 : 2013 ACLA International Symposium
• Date: 12th~14th Oct 2013
• Theme – Meanings & Aesthetics in Asian Cultural Landscape
• Venue: Seoul National University, South Korea
• Participated Countries: India(7), Japan(6), Malaysia(5),
Thailand(5), China(4), Australia(3), Korea(2), Hong Kong(2), Indonesia(2), Taiwan(1), France(1), Philippines(1)

2014 : 2014 ACLA International Symposium
• Date: 7th~9th Oct 2014
• Theme – Waterfront Asian Cultural Landscape
• Venue: Seoul National University, South Korea
• Participated Countries: Indonesia(11), Thailand(5), India(4),
Korea(3), China(2), Austria(1), Hong Kong(1),

2015 : 2015 ACLA International Symposium
• Date: 11th~13th Sep 2015
• Theme – Agricultural Landscapes of Asia: Learning,
Preserving, Redefining
• Venue: Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia

July 09, 2023

Since he was a child, Sung-Kyun Kim had paid lots of attention to the natural environment and Korean traditional culture in his homeland, in Korea. Sung was born in the city of Mungyeong-si, three years after the end of the Korean war. The history which divided the country on the Korean peninsula into two, North Korea and South Korea. Sung's hometown is approximately 200 km from Seoul City by bus, and 153 km by train. Its location is southeast of the capital.Sung-Kyun Kim experienced the period when the Korean population was experiencing food difficulties. His family of eight children also lived a life of worry, only being able to eat pine tree bark which is processed into delicious food by his mother. His father, a teacher and school principal, once said, "Sung, study hard, so you can improve our country, we inherit nature and culture from our ancestors, which are very beautiful and good for building the quality of human life." Sung was a good listener, he also remembered his father's words, "Sung, Indonesia is a country with good agricultural products, learn from the Indonesian people too."From his father's words, Little Sung was used to paying attention to natural scenery and always tried to understand the meaning of the natural beauty of his country's landscapes.In his childhood and youth, Sung also saw environmental conditions that were degraded due to foreign power domination, especially in the name of 'Marshal Plan' by America. The country, especially Seoul, the capital, were degraded, as the impact of the large-scale development in South Korea.Sung was not only a good listener, he was also a true witness. The habit of observing nature and witnessing natural beauty gave birth to his artistic potential, namely drawing and painting landscapes. Since his youth, Sung has been fond of painting, both on paper and on canvas. Some of his works are natural landscapes, the beautiful landscapes of his hometown, Mungyeong-si.BACKGROUND OF ACLAAsian countries have a long history and developed distinctive landscape cultures. However, Asian cultural landscape researches are still in infancy, especially when most of Asian landscapes have been studied based on Westerners’ point of view.We need to discuss these issues from Asian point of view in order to find our own identity, and plan & design our future world with these cultural landscapes.The Embryo of ACLAAlthough the word ‘Nujeongwon’ is not mentioned in the "Winding River Village, Poetics of a Korean Landscape", in the PhD dissertation book of Sung-Kyun Kim, the spirit of this book is ‘Nujeongwon’. It can be discovered after analyzing each chapter, especially chapter six, namely THE SIXTEEN BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPES.It was a very deep, comprehensive and continuous research since Sung-Kyun Kim was in his Master of Arts study, in University of Pennsylvania, USA 1984 ~ 1987.Actually, ‘Nujeongwon’ -- as the core of ACLA’s mission -- was firstly mentioned in an event organized by Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture. The event was an international conference with theme “The Universality and Regionality of Landscape Culture in East Asian Region". Prof. Sung-Kyun Kim submitted and spoke of his paper and presentation with title of Structure and Meaning of a Korean Nujeongwon”. The event was held in Tokyo, Japan in August 2006.In 2009, Sung-Kyun Kim had to undergo brain surgery because he had been working so hard for a very long time. For more than twenty years he only slept 3 to 4 hours a day.The idea of organizing the spirit of Asian cultural landscape arose in his consciousness while he was in suspended animation during his brain surgery until a few hours before he returned to the mundane realm. It happened in early August 2009*.When he recovered from a critical condition after the surgery, he again reflected on the identity of the Asian landscape, especially the Korean landscape.Logo - The overall ACLA logo expressed ACLA is a Asia-based platform that providing Asians a democratic roundtable for discussing about Asian Cultural Landscapes. - It is also a metaphysical exposition of the aims and objectives of this foundation: ‘A’ symbolises the beginning and returning (‘A’) through the cyclic notion of continuity ‘C’, and attached ‘L’ denotes the locomotive function of longevity. Legal Entity (Institution)

September 1 – 4 2009, IFLA APR Cultural Landscape Committee (IFLA APR CLC) held an event at Songdo Convensia, Incheon Metropolitan City, South Korea. The theme of the Congress is Green Culture in Cities. Tong Mahn Ahn led the congress, Sung Kyun Kim led the Student Charrette. The ACLA embryo had existed since then in Prof. Sung-Kyun Kim's upper womb, in his skull.

ACLA Fetal GrowthThere were some international events organized by Prof. Sung-Kyun Kim and team, before he declared the ACLA as an official organization. And, Chun Hyun-Jin was involved in them devotedly.From contemplation after contemplation, Sung-Kyun Kim came to the realization that we in Asia need to discuss about this problem from an Asian perspective to find our own identity, to plan and design our future world with our cultural landscape in Asia. And, along with this idea as well, he formulated the term of “Nujeongwon” in this way:Nujeongwon is “an exterior space, organized visually and conceptually as a whole, centered around Nujeong building.” I start with this new definition for the Korean landscape, because we cannot explain it in terms of the Western concept of a garden, such as, “the artificial and fenced area decorated for aesthetic and practical purposes.”In 2010 and 2011, Sung-Kyun Kim declaratively used the term "Nujeongwon" in three international scientific meetings, namely:At the IFLA APR Cultural Landscape Committee meeting, 14 ~ 17 December 2010, in Seoul, Korea, with the title of the paper and presentation: Sustainable Korean Landscape Garden, “Nujeongwon”. Resolved document in the Proceedings of the 2010 IFLA APR Cultural Landscape Committee International Symposium, on pages 18-23.As invited speaker in Tallin, Estonia at the Landscape Architecture Congress, 2~4 November 2011, Mind the Gap: Landscapes for a New Era, EFLA Regional Congress of Landscape Architecture, Sung-Kyun Kim presented “Sustainable Landscape and Aesthetics in Korean Traditional Landscape Parks , Nujeongwon.”Again, Sung-Kyun Kim at the IFLA APR Cultural Landscape Committee meeting, 5 ~ 8 December 2011, in Seoul, Korea, with the title of his paper and presentation: Sustainable Korean Traditional Landscape Garden, “Nujeongwon”. Resolved document in the Proceedings of the 2011 IFLA APR Cultural Landscape Committee International Symposium, on pages 31-40.

In 2012, Sung-Kyun Kim worked on a research project for the Korean ministry of environment, which was intended to form the basis for policy formulation for the Natural Park Master Plan. Sung-Kyun Kim focused his research with Nujeongwon's perspective.ACLA’S BIRTH AND THE INTERNATIONAL EVENTSStill in the same year, on December 3 2012, in Kuala Selangor, Malaysia, Sung-Kyun Kim as the founder accompanied by several members -- including Hyun-Jin Chun, the PhD student under his academic guidance -- officially declared the formation Asian Cultural Landscape Association, ACLA. The event was attended by participants of the third IFLA APR CLC symposium. The composition of the participants, 2 from Korea, 1 from Japan, 1 from Hong Kong, 1 from Indonesia, 1 from India, 1 from Thailand, 1 from Singapore and 13 from Malaysia. So, this symposium is also the 1st ACLA International Symposium.

Sung-Kyun Kim was also involved in the “Seoul City Planning for the Next Century” or also called “Seoul Planning Charter” which lasted from 2012 to 2015. Seoul prepared an Urban Planning Charter for the next 100 years as the basis for city planning administration, providing long-term direction and consistent.The process incorporates a 100 year sustainable urban planning philosophy, the Charter was finalized by 170 representatives of Seoul citizens. At the theme selection stage, there were 21 experts, 3 members of the Seoul Metropolitan Council, and 6 civil society people. Sung-Kyun Kim is one of the 21 experts. The entire process started from 16 August 2012 to 10 September 2015 (declaration and follow-up).

During the period mentioned above, Prof. Kim is often accompanied by his student, Hyun-Jin Chun, they become close friends in discussing matters related to environmental sustainability, quality of life, and Korean culture, as an important part of Asia as a whole.The 2nd ACLA International Symposium was held the following year, precisely on 12 ~ 14 October 2013 in Seoul, Korea with the theme "Meanings & Aesthetics in Asian Cultural Landscape" and Kim-Sung-Kyun presented "Meaning and Aesthetics of a Korean Traditional Landscape: Focusing on Hahoe Gyeomam-Okyeonjeong” (about Nujeongwon in Hahoe village), this was documented in the Proceedings of the 2013 ACLA International Symposium. October 12 ~ 14, 2013 in Seoul, Korea, on pages 39-46.

The 4th ACLA International Symposium was held in Bali, 11 ~ 13 September 2015 with the theme "Agricultural Landscapes of Asia: Learning, Preserving, and Redefining". The event was organized by Landscape Architecture Department, Udayana Unuiversity, namely Naniek Kohdrata.

In the same year, 2015 November, Sung-Kyun Kim had the opportunity to hold a Solo Design Exhibition at Yanbian University, China. Lafent reported the event as follows:Professor Kim Sung-Kyun held a solo exhibition in China
Design and photography personal exhibition
Lafent Reporter Jeon Ji-eun lArticle input2015-12-04
Sungkyun Kim, a professor at Seoul National University (Chairman of the Korean Society of Landscape Architecture), held an exhibition of 'Professor Sung-kyun Kim's Design and Photography' at Yanbian University Museum of Art, China from November 16th (Mon) to 20th (Fri).
In this exhibition, which was held at the invitation of Yanbian University, about 40 photographs of the works designed by Professor Kim, such as the Deoksugung Pedestrian Road, were exhibited.The event was attended by many people inside and outside the university, including the head of the International Relations Office of Yanbian University, the dean of the college of fine arts, the secretary of the college of fine arts, the vice-chairman of the city council, the director of the Yanji City Construction Bureau, and the director of the Design Institute.Meanwhile, Professor Kim was invited to the 'Invited Lecture by Foreign Scholars' and gave a special lecture on 'Pedestrian-centered Street Landscape Design' to public officials and students of Yanji City.

In 2016, there were several activities related to Sung-Kyun Kim's efforts to promote Nujeongwon, namely he launched the first edition of the book 'Winding River Village, Poetic of a Korean Landscape' published by ACLA Press, It was from his PhD dissertation, 1988. Followed by scientific articles, Kim, Sung-Kyun et al. 2016. A Study on the Contents and Distribution of Palgyeong in Gangneung Area. Korean Institute of Traditional Landscape Architecture. 34(2). pp. 16~26.The last international activity this year was the 5th ACLA International Symposium with the theme “Sacred Sites, Cultural Landscapes & Harmonizing the World of Asia” which was held in Lampang, Thailand, from 2 to 4 December. Sung-Kyun Kim, in his presentation gave an example of how to create a sacred landscape garden by applying the principles and values of pungsu and Nujeongwon, namely Bongyudongcheon which is located in his homeland. The event in Lampang, Thailand was the 5th ACLA International event.

From 22 to 24 July 2017, the 6th ACLA symposium was held in Vladivostok, Russia, with the theme "Urban Cultural Landscape and Urban Regeneration". It was the 6th ACLA International event. The Symposium was organized by Alessio Russo who worked as a professor in Landscape Architecture, Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) at that time.

In August 2017, Sung-Kyun Kim attended as a guest lecturer who carried out the ACLA mission in seven places in Indonesia, at 6 universities and 1 community forum. From 17 to 18 November 2017, Sung-Kyun Kim and the team held an ACLA-APELA workshop at SNU, Korea, with the theme "Cultural Landscape as National Identity: illustrating Asia" (part 1). In sequence, this workshop is the 7th (A) ACLA international event.

In 2018, while on vacation in Bali, Sung-Kyun Kim visited several traditional villages, and gave guest lectures at two universities, namely at Warmadewa University, with the title "Sustainable Village" and at STIBA Saraswati with the title "Poetics of a Korean Landscape". The theme also has a Nujeongwon, as the core mission of the ACLA.Towards the end of the year, 23 to 26 October to be precise, the seventh ACLA symposium was held in Ayodhya, India, with the theme “Pilgrimage Cities & Cultural Landscapes of Asia and prospects for Sustainable Tourism”. In sequence, this symposium is the 8th ACLA international event.

From 18 to 19 February 2019, Sung-Kyun Kim and the team held an ACLA-IFLA CLC workshop with the theme "Cultural Landscape as National Identity: illustrating Asia" (part 2), at Seoul National University, Korea, followed by visits to several places in his hometown, Mungyeong-si. Both of these days are the 7th (B) ACLA International Event.

Then, still in 2019, October 9-10 to be precise, he as the keynote speaker attended the ACLA Conference in Johor, Malaysia, with the theme "Perception and Aesthetics of Cultural Landscape in Asia", he explained again about Nujeongwon. In sequence, this conference is the 9th ACLA International event. At the moment, Prof. Sung-Kyun Kim and Assoc. Prof. Chun Hyun-Jin discussed about the next International ACLA event would be held in Nanjing, China in middle of 2020. But, due to the pandemic, the event was delayed for a year.

In the same year, on 17~19 October 2019, Prof. Sung-Kyun Kim attended the ACLA Symposium, with the theme “Interfacing Environment, Law, Sustainability & Cultural Landscapes of Asia”. It was organized by Sarvesh Amigo, Gorakhpur University, and was held in Gorakhpur, India. This Symposium as the 10th ACLA International event in sequence.

In mid-February to almost mid-March 2020, Prof. Sung-Kyun Kim is in Indonesia, namely in Jakarta, in North Sumatra, in South Sumatra, in West Java, namely in Bogor and Bandung. In Jakarta he gave a guest lecture at the DKI Jakarta Parks and City Forest Service. In North Sumatra, together with Anita, Lasmaria and Sumihar visited natural and cultural sites, traditional villages and two museums. In South Sumatra he gave a guest lecture at ITERA, and field trips. In West Java, he gave guest lectures at IPB and at ITB.In fact, all of the guest lecture materials that come from the results of research and design projects and even those that have already been implemented are closely related to Nujeongwon. Because Nujeongwon's philosophy and principles have become Sung-Kyun Kim's character.Prof. Kim stayed in Bali for 12 days, from 1 to 12 March 2020. On that occasion, he continued to write research on the historical relationship between the City of Ayodhya, India and the City of Gimhae, Korea. He also expressed his intention to continue research on Nujeongwons throughout Korea, and to make a kind of comprehensive book containing inventory documents of the whole Korean Cultural Landscape.Since returning to Korea, Prof. Sung-Kyun Kim visited Bongyudongcheon Nujeongwon four times.First, the day after returning from Bali, namely on March 14 2020, Sung-Kyun Kim stayed there for almost a week, then returned to Seoul, he continued self-isolation in his office at SNU.Second, Sung-Kyun Kim visited the Bonyudongcheon garden again on April 5. He returned to Seoul on the evening of April 7, because he has a lecture schedule for undergraduate students, namely "Landscape Plants" via Zoom from his office at SNU on Wednesday, April 8.Third, a visit to Bonyudongcheon park in the afternoon of May 10, and he returned to Seoul in the afternoon of May 12.Fourth, Sung-Kyun Kim visited his hometown again on the afternoon of May 23. Prof. Kim is the chairman of the “Mungyeong City Policy Advisory Group” and he has a scheduled meeting with the group on May 24th. After the meeting, Prof. Kim and his group conducted a field trip in the city. Sung-Kyun Kim stays for another two nights at Bongyudongcheon park. Prof. Kim left at dawn and arrived back in Seoul on the morning of May 27, one hour before starting lectures via Zoom from his office at SNU.There is an international online lecture on the afternoon of May 20, which was initiated by Assoc. Prof. Sonal Panday Tiwari, intended for Masters students at the School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal, India. Several ACLA members from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines also took part in this lecture via zoom. This is the last international lecture given by Prof. Sung Kyun Kim.

Prof. Sung-Kyun Kim still lectured SNU Landscape Architecture students every Wednesday morning via zoom. June 3rd is the exam schedule for that course onlinely via zoom. And the last face-to-face meeting will be on June 10th, 2020 for 30 minutes. He said, "the students want to see the professor."On June 11 2020, Prof. Sung-Kyun Kim checked his health at the university hospital because since June 6th he had experienced digestive system disorders. That very day, June 11, he had to go into the emergency room for digestive system support. On June 13, he was allowed to leave the hospital, but he chose to stay in his office at SNU that night.Prof. Sung-Kyun Kim left this mortal world, due to a disease of the digestive system called "ileus" that suddenly recurred. Sung-Kyun Kim "departed" from his house in Seoul (which has views of Nujeongwon Nam-san, Bukhan-san and Inwang-san), at 4 pm Seoul time, Friday 19 June 2020. He, the originator, main founder, and the main carrier of ACLA's mission in an organized manner for 11 years, returned to eternity.The next year, the 11th ACLA International event was held by Assoc. Prof. Chun Hyun-Jin. He continued the delayed ACLA international event that was planned before the pandemic. He played the role of the Chairman of Youth Committee, ACLA. The event was held in Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China, where he teaches as an Assoc. Professor in The Art College. The Event was named as The 2021 ACLA International Conference, with theme “Cultural Landscapes, Heritage Cities of Asia”. It was in June 11 -12, 2021.

Just like the previous one, the 12th ACLA International event was held also in Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The event was completely named as “2023 The First International Forum on Cultural Diversity Forum & The 12th International Symposium of the Asian Cultural Landscape Symposium”. It was held on 16 ~ 17 June 2023, in Nanjing, China. Assoc. Prof. Chun Hyun-Jin was the Organizing Secretary of the international event.

So, the overall sequence of ACLA International events can be summarized as presented in this tabulation:

THE NEW PRESIDENT OF ACLAAs the decision of the 12th / 2023 ACLA International Symposium Offline Meeting Committee, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chun Hyun-Jin Ph.D. (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China) was recommended as the new President of Asian Cultural Landscape Association (ACLA), dated on the 1st of July 2023.And, after two days (from July 1st, 2023 to July 2nd, 2023) of publicity, the committee did not receive any objections to the above recommendation. Therefore, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chun Hyun-Jin, Ph.D officially serves as the President of ACLA, in the period of July 3rd, 2023 to June 30th, 2028.ACLA will continue to be dedicated to the research on Asian cultural landscapes with Asian point of view, and welcome researchers and scholars to jointly promote the development of the research on Asian cultural landscapes.


President : Assoc. Prof. Chun Hyunjin, Ph.D.


2018 - 2021 | Dept, of Urban Planning,
South East University, Nanjing, China.[Second Post Doctor]
2017 | Dept, of Landscape Design,
South East University, Nanjing, China.[Post Doctor]
2011 - 2015 | Dept, of Landscape Design, Graduate School, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.[Ph. D.]2009 - 2011 | Dept, of Landscape Design, Graduate School, Seoul National University, Seoul, Koreap [MLA]2002 - 2009 | Dept, of Civil Engineering, Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea.[B.S. Engineering]


Current | Asian Cultural Landscape Association (ACLA) ,President2019-Current | Dept, of Design, School of Arts
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics[Associate Professor]
2017-2019 | Dept, of Product Design
Nanjing University of the Arts, China[Associate Professor]
2020 - 2020 | Dept, of Product Design, Purdue University, USA[Visiting Scholar]2019 - 2020 | Dept, of Landscape Design Chulalongkorn University, Thailand [Visiting Scholar]2019 - 2019 | Agricultural Life Science Research Center Seoul National University, Korea [Visiting Researcher]2015. 3 | School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Huazhong University of Science and Technology,[Visiting Assistant Professor]2015. 11 | The School of Arts and Communication China University of Geosciences, China [Visiting Assistant Professor]


Prof. Sung-Kyun Kim,PH.D the founder of ACLA

(late) Prof. Dr. Sung-Kyun KIM, Ph.D. [1956~2020] Patron & Founding President – ACLA, Asian Cultural Landscape Association (2011-2017); President – APELA, Asia Pacific Environment Landscape Association; Ex-Delegate – IFLA, International Federation of Landscape Architects; Ex-President – KILA, Korean Institute of Landscape Architects; Professor, Dept. of Landscape Architecture, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences,Seoul National University,South Korea

He was graduated from Seoul National University in
Landscape Architecture.
He then continued his study in US, and graduated with master degrees from University of Pennsylvania, in Art, and in Landscape Architecture.He received PhD. in City and Regional Planning from the same university in US.He was a professor of Landscape Architecture at
Seoul National University since March 28th 1994.
He found the ACLA in 2009 and officially declared it on Dec 3rd, 2012 in Malaysia. Prof. Kim devoted his passion and energy in IFLA while serving both IFLA South Korean delegate and IFLA Cultural Landscape Committee Chair.


Vice president : Ray March Syahadat,
SP, SLing, MSI, MM.

2020 - now
Student of Doctoral Program in Tourism Study
2022 - 2023
Master of Management
2021 - 2023
Bachelor of Environment
2012 - 2014
Master of Science in Landscape Architecture
2008 - 2012
Bachelor of Agriculture in Mayor of Agronomy and Horticulture, Minor of Communication
2014 - now
Lecturer of Landscape Architecture Department
Preparation of Planning Documents for Creating a Permaculture Garden
Landscape Expert
Feasibility Study of Tomato Downstream Development, Tanah Datar Regency
Agricultural Expert
Urban Tree Health Inspection
Landscape Expert
Preparation of the Samas - Parangtritis Beach Strategic Spatial Unit Master Plan
Landscape Expert
Feasibility Study of The Aua Sarumpun Development Area
Tourism Expert
Preparation of Garden Design for the Department of Agriculture, Andalas University
Landscape Expert
2021Planning of Cibogo Agrotechno Park
Landscape Expert
Planning of UGJ Business Center
Landscape Expert
Planning of Cibogo Agrotourism
Landscape Expert
Preparation of a Map of Investment Opportunities for Strategic Priority Projects Ready to be Offered in the Tourism Sector 2020, on Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Tourism Priority Area Employment Sector of Wakatobi
Urban and Regional Planning Expert
Preparation of Settlement Infrastructure Development Plans (RPIP) Wakatobi
Planology Expert
Pre-Feasibility Study of Utilization of the 4th Floor and 3rd Floor of the Padang Panjang Central Market
Landscape Expert
Pre-Study of Investment Potential for Ecopark Development in Padang Panjang City
Landscape Expert
Preparation of Basic Data for the Sekayamaritim Program and Development of Settlement Models in 10 Priority Locations
Landscape Planning for Two Lane Road to Mahakam Ulu Regency Central Office Area
IT Expert Assistant/Landscape Engineering
Preparation of a Landscape Master Plan for the Mahakam Ulu Regency Central Office Area
IT Expert Assistant

ACLA Members:

52 countries / regions , total members: 516

The Asia Region is divided into six spatial and cultural realms, covering

52 countries / regions:

1. Northern Asia - 1 (Siberia (Russian Fed.).2. Central Asia – 5 (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan);3. Eastern Asia – 8 (China People’s Rep., Hong Kong- China, Japan, Korea S. Rep., Korea North DPR, Macao- China, Mongolia, Taiwan-China);4. Western Asia – 18 (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestinian territories, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE, Yemon);5. Southern Asia – 09 (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Islamic Rep. Iran, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka); and6. Southeast Asia – 11 (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vietnam).

Representative Committee

1. Founding President , Prof.Sung-Kyun Kim2.President , Assoc. Prof.Chun Hyun-Jin
3.Vice President , Mr.Ray March Syahadat
4.Secretary , Ms.Anita Syafitri Arif
5. Korea representative , Mr.Kwag Min-Ju
6. Korea Youth Committee Director , Mr.Park Tae-Yang
7. India Representative , Dr.Sonal Pandey Tiwari
8. India Youth Committee Director Mr.Vigneswaran
9. Malaysia Representative , Dr.Teoh Mei-Yee
10.Taiwan - China Representative Prof.Monica C. Kuo
11. Thailand Representative , Prof.Suparp Tajai
12.Thailand Youth Committee Director , Dr.Prudsamon Kammasorn
13. Philippines Representative , L.Archt Norman June Brito
14. Philippines Youth Committee Director , L.Archt Hannah Cruz Go
15. Indonesia Representative Ms.Hanni Adriani
16.Indonesia Youth Committee Director Ms.Desy Fatmala Makhmud
17. China Representative , Assoc. Prof.Chen Gang
18. China Youth Committee Director , Mr.Xiaonan Zhan
19.Vietnam Representative Mr.Thanh Quyen Huynh
20. Sri Lanka Representative , L.Arch Sanka Wimaladharma.
21.Sri Lanka Youth Committee Director , Ms.Hemangi Wimaladharma
22.Bhutan Representative , Mr.Thinley Jamtsho Tshering
23.Hongkong - China Representative , Dr.Yin-Lun Chan
24.Iran Representative , Asst. Prof.Amin Mahan
25.Iran youth Committee Director Ms.Reihaneh khorramrouei
26.Mongolia Representative , Mr.Ganzorig Budbazar

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation for reaching out to us and making the effort to contact our organization. Your communication has not gone unnoticed, and it is with the utmost gratitude that we acknowledge your initiative. We are deeply thankful for your interest and for choosing to engage with us. Your message serves as a testament to the strength of our connection, and it reinforces the significance of the relationships we build with individuals like you.Your valuable input is a testament to your commitment to our shared goals, and we are truly honored to have you as part of our community. We value your communication and look forward to the opportunity to further collaborate and foster a mutually beneficial partnership. Once again, thank you for your contact, and please know that your efforts are greatly appreciated.Secretary, ACLA (Ms) Anita Syafitri Arif email:
+62 85857751972